ACM SIGMOD 2013 Programming Contest



The following teams have been selected to present their implementations at the SIGMOD 2013 conference in New York, USA, where the winner of the contest will be announced. These teams were shortlisted based on their performances on the final test, which has ~500,000 concurrently active queries and ~400,000 documents, and it has similar properties to New test.

phoenix (Peking University, China): Jinyu Yao
1st prize ($5,000) - src - poster
Campers (Technical University of Munich, Germany): Henrik Mühe, Florian Funke
2nd prize ($3,000) - src - poster
RotaFortunae (Saint-Petersburg University, Russia): Pavel Fedotovsky, Kirill Cherednik, George Erokhin
3rd prize ($2,000) - src - poster
StrongAccept (Tsinghua University, China): Yu Jiang, Jian He, Dong Deng, Jiannan Wang
src - poster
mofumofu (Tohoku University, Japan): Ryosuke Okuta, Tomoki Komatsu, Takashi Katsura
src - poster